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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Two weeks to catch up on.

From Tuesday, May 17th to Sunday, May 22nd we were in Long Island, visiting Bear's parents. Bear was at work for most of it - we really only saw him in the mornings - but it was still nice to actually see him and it was good to spend time with his family. Tanya loved it. Bear transferred the car seat to his Mom's car, so we could drive around. We also turned the car seat forward - it was time, she is getting tall.

It was still cool, spring weather - some jackets once in a while (compared to the heat wave this week). And we went to a lot of playgrounds. The regular playground, beach playground, local town playground by the bay. One afternoon we went to this local farm where kids can feed the animals through the fence. The animals were only allowed to eat celery or dark greens, which one could conveniently buy at the farm. Tanya loved feeding the cow and the sheep, was not afraid at all. She also loved spending time with her Aunt Carrie, Bear's sister. Bear doesn't have the best relationship with her, mostly because she keeps causing trouble and worries their parents greatly, but she is very good with Tanya and Tanya enjoyed the attention. At one point she wanted me "away" and she was busy playing with Carrie's spices and her food cabinet, so I used the time to go upstairs to use the bathroom in peace and quiet - a rarity. But, of course, "away" means "go sit over there but not out of eyesight" in toddler so Tanya, after five minutes, realized I wasn't there, went to climb the stairs and then cried at the bathroom door when I couldn't let her in.

When I did have my own time, during naptime (except one day where she skipped a nap) and bedtime, I borrowed Bear's Kindle Fire where I uploaded Season 9 of "Doctor Who" that my Dad got for me. And, I watched the whole season. The season was mostly two parters, so it worked out well with about two episodes per day. I'm going to do a separate reaction post, but overall I enjoyed the season for the most part, except for the stupid 'documentary' sleep episode , which I found terrible. Loved the Christmas special to pieces. And Episode 11 was pretty amazing - just the Doctor, no other actors, sustaining my interest really well.

I didn't really have a lot of time to read though. It's strange. I like "Jonathan Strange" when I read it, a lot, but when I'm not reading it my fingers are not itching for it. It's not the book I don't want to put down. At least not yet.

The book I don't want to put down is the book I got as a present last week. On Saturday, May 21st, for our last dinner in Long Island, with Bear home too, his parents had a sort of early birthday celebration for Bear and I. They usually celebrate both our birthdays on Father's Day (mine is June 2 and Bear's is June 15. He was born on Father's Day) but this year they are going away and since we are going on vacation too, it would be a month before we would see them. So early birthday celebration. Mostly, Bear's Mom just wanted to give me my present early. She got me "Hamilton The Revolution" book - the libretto to Hamilton the Musical. This book was on my wish list but she didn't even see that. She read a review of it in a newspaper and got it for me. The book is really amazing. It focuses on the development of the show, the songs, the actors and all kinds of background insights both into Hamilton and into the theater world. I was amused in the beginning by all the Harry Potter references as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fan, apparently. He is exactly my age, so there are a lot of references I get. I'm in awe of this book. And savoring it.

This week Tanya and I were home by ourselves, just the two of us. Bear had an extra long work week. He left on Monday afternoon and just got back this evening. My parents came to visit Monday and yesterday, and my Mom by herself on Wednesday, so I did get some company. And we hang out at the playground a lot, so I do get to have some adult conversations.

This week is a hot week. As usual, the weather went from cold spring to hot summer in a day. It was up to 87F today - 75F in the morning. I got my summer shirts out and my shorts. I do love my summer shirts. And since it is finally really warm, my Mom insisted on the next stop in Tanya's potty training. At home, she's been wearing panties, since she asks to go, only wearing diapers to nap and sleep. But we used to put a diaper to go outside. Well, we are now carrying a small potty to the playground, so Tanya got to run around in panties outside (there is a bathroom there, but it is a little gross and not that comfortable for a toddler to use). I time an hour and a half, and make her use it. She did ask today, so progress. And since it's summer, we just bring a change of clothes in case of accidents. It is a lot more hassle, but my Mom is right, it is time.

The other day, I picked Tanya up from her chair after dinner to carry her into the bedroom and she hugged me and then said "Tanya lyubit Mamu" or (Tanya loves Mama). Aw.

Next week will be baking week. I want to make a blueberry pie on Monday when Marianna and her family, and Yeva are coming over. And I decided on Boston Creme Cheesecake for my birthday. So lots of sweets.


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May. 29th, 2016 04:37 am (UTC)
I like "Jonathan Strange" when I read it, a lot, but when I'm not reading it my fingers are not itching for it. It's not the book I don't want to put down. At least not yet.

I can't remember if it ever became that book for me -- maybe at the very end. But as long as I had regular time to read it, I enjoyed it a lot.

Good luck with the potty training! Summer is a good time for it, yep! And it does sound like she's ready and taking well to it. (The little portable potties were such a great thing for potty training -- we carried them with us to the playground a lot. There are also these folding rings that work to turn an adult-sized toilet into a kid-accessible one -- that was also a must-have, for travel. Like this, though I can't remember if that's the exact brand.)

And AWWW at Tanya saying I love you! :D
Jun. 2nd, 2016 04:45 pm (UTC)

I am about a quarter of the way through the book now. Just met Jonathan Strange properly. The dialogue is pretty funny. I do like reading it but I know I would be reading quicker if I was more invested.

We have one of those rings you put on a toilet at my parents's house. It's great. For playground we just carry our usual one. She loves going to the big bathroom at the playground after to empty it. So we made it a game. She's been doing well so far.

Tanya cracked us up yesterday. She was on the potty before her bath and she loves bath. So she kept asking me "bath, bath, vanna, vanna, bath" then she paused, looked at me and asked 'kak po russki?"

Jun. 2nd, 2016 04:58 pm (UTC)
We used a portable potty for playground/car trips where there wasn't necessarily going to be a real bathroom nearby, which worked really well. (If in nature, we just dispensed with the bag and just used it as something for her to sit on. It's not comfortable past the kid being a certain height/weight, but for a toddler it worked really well. Boys have it SO much easier though! :P Although O did manage to ricochet-pee in B's eye once, so there are some downsides to, as our pediatrician put it, "outdoor plumbing". :P)

then she paused, looked at me and asked 'kak po russki?"

Haha! That's fascinating, though, that she is thinking in terms of dedicated language. I mean, bilingual children clearly do, because mine always spoke the right thing to the right person, once they had both words in their vocabulary. And they were very small when they would get annoyed when people other than B would attempt to speak Hebrew to them, like when my parents used simple Hebrew words. I think O would just say "Net." grimly when they attempted this, and L said, "Ty ne dolzhen tak govorit'" to them, but she was a bit older than Tanya by then.

The book picked up for me when Jonathan Strange appeared, and even more so when JS met with Mr Norrell -- I do really love their dynamic. I do think it's a book that works to be read slowly, like, the pacing actually works pretty well with the length. But it does take a long time.
May. 29th, 2016 08:14 am (UTC)
Yes, the sleep episode of Doctor Who was terrible! None of it made any sense, even the characters said so. Episode 11, though, is one of my favorites ever, I think. Peter Capaldi was amazing in that!

I'm glad you and Tanya had a nice week in Long Island. :)
Jun. 2nd, 2016 04:46 pm (UTC)

I also don't really like fake documentary style and the visuals kept irritating me. And the story was just terrible.

Peter Capaldi is really amazing.


May. 30th, 2016 06:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you have had a good time. :)

I felt pretty much the same about JS&MN until I was about halfway through. After that I couldn't put it down. It's a bit slow in setting up all the characters, which I think is one reason.
Jun. 2nd, 2016 04:48 pm (UTC)

Good to know about Jonathan Strange. I'm about 25% into the book, just met Jonathan Strange properly after his father's death. I'm finding his thought process pretty funny as he rides to propose.

Jun. 3rd, 2016 02:14 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes, I didn't get fully into it until after Jonathan Strange is fully established. :)
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