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1. How quickly does it take your phone to die?
Depends how I use it. Usually a day, but if I'm home, it might last half a day.

2. Do you remember the first YouTube video you ever watched?
No, it was too long ago.

3. How many cities do you have saved in your weather app? What are they?
I really don't have saved cities in my weather app. I need to get a new weather app anyway.

4. Are you happy?
Generally. Not when the baby cries too much though and I have trouble soothing her because of gas. But otherwise, I think I'm pretty content.

5. What color is your soap? Shampoo?
Both are white. I get the soap in Costco and I use Pantene for Shampoo.

6. What do they smell like?
Like soap and shampoo? I don't know. Clean.

7. Have you ever had a run in with the police?
No. I was in the car when my Dad got a speeding ticket once but that's about it.

8. Who inspires you the most?
My grandmother. She was very kind and very efficient and the best cook. Just a wonderful person in general.

9. How often do you dye your hair?
A few times a year, maybe 3-4.

10. Do you have any friends with benefits?
No. Even if I wasn't married and in exclusive relationship, I wouldn't have friends with benefits. Too much drama and not for me.

11. Does your ex miss you?
Don't know. Maybe as a friend?

12. Have you ever been on a horse? How was it?
Yes, when I was a kid I was on the horse twice. Once to take a picture and once in the summer camp where we rode a tiny bit. I'm nervous around animals and don't like touching them so it wasn't very comfortable for me.

13. What is your favorite fruit?
Too many - peaches, apricots, raspberries, blueberries, apples.

14. Is the last male you spoke to attractive?
My Dad and I can't really judge!

15. Do people often tell you that you're pretty?
Bear does and he's the only one that counts!

16. What was your worst subject in school? What about your best?
Worst was gym and art. I was very good at everything else. History, math and English were my favorites though.

17. How many different towns have you lived in?
Minsk, New York (Brooklyn and Staten Island), Binghamton, London, New Brunswick, Norwich, Highland Park (NJ).

18. Are you kinky?
Not really.

19. What is in your refrigerator right now?
What isn't? Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, veggies for soup, potatoes, carrots, onions, avocados, lemons, raspberries, blueberries, cold cuts, cream cheese, butter, meatballs, chicken dish, sweet potato dish, baked fish, cabbage stir fry. I'm sure I'm forgetting something - we rarely do take out.

20. Are you sexy?
According to Bear.

21. How far away does a destination have to be before you consider it a road trip?
Maybe four hours - we have to stop somewhere to eat perhaps.

22. Do you believe that people can change?

23. Do you always have the TV on for background noise?
I don't. I don't actually turn on my TV anymore. If I want to watch something, I use my tablet for something specific. I don't really like it in the background.

25. Are you more mentally or physically strong?
Mentally probably.

26. What is something weird that turns you on?
Being helpful and doing chores and not having to ask for help at home.

27. Do you easily pick up on innuendos?
No. I tend to take a lot literally.

28. Do you avoid confrontation?

29. With whom was your last kiss and where?
Last night with Bear before I went to sleep.

30. Have you ever been offered drugs? Did you accept?
Yes but I never accepted. I never actually did drugs, I like being in control of myself.

31. Have you ever tried online dating?
Never since I met Bear at 18 before online dating was a thing. But I would be so terrible at it (see taking people at their word and being terrible at any dating games) that I'm glad I never tried it.

32. What perfume do you wear?
Only when I go to work - I have J'Adore or this flowery perfume my parents got me in Grasse, when they were on vacation.

33. What three countries would you LEAST like to visit?
Iraq, Iran, South Sudan

34. What have been the top 3 moments of your year so far?
1. Giving birth to Olivia
2. Getting the call that I got the city job just as I was agonizing over the federal one.
3. Moving into the new apartment

35. Does virginity matter to you?
No (was this written for teenagers?)

36. What is on your floor right now?
Some clothes, gift bags, bed covering

37. Do you take nudes?

38. Do you like reptiles?
I don't mind them.

39. Do you swear a lot?
Not particularly but a few words escape here and there for emphasis.

40. Does it bother you when guys wear pink?
Not at all. Pink used to be a boy color 100 years ago and on many it looks nice.

41. Do you watch porn?
No, if I want porn, I read it, usually in fanfic.

42. What is an unpopular opinion that you have?
Can't think of it at the top of my head.

43. Do you watch any reality shows?
Just watch the new episode of the Great British Baking Show on PBS. I used to watch SYTYCD but I can't watch TV when it airs - I might catch it online at some point.

44. Do you skip breakfast?
Never. I love breakfast. I have to have my breakfast, lunch, dinner at regular hours or it feels weird to me.

45. Do you work out every week?
Hah. no. Not right now.

46. Did you grow up in a small town or big city?
Big city. Minsk was a capital city of Belarus. And then I moved to New York, which is even bigger.

47. How many roses did you get on Valentine’s day?
One. Bear always gets me one rose for Valentine's Day and for our anniversary.

48. Are you belligerent?
Not particularly.

49. What are you looking forward to?
For Olivia to be couple of months old so she gets over the gassy, crying phase and we can get onto a routine with a bit less feedings, especially at night.

50. Have you ever been lost in the woods?
yes, actually. When I was 19, I worked at sleepaway camp as a counselor. During orientation week, a few of my co-couselors and I went for a hike. We got off the trail and got a bit lost. Some in our group were freaking out. I was strangely calm. I was with other people and if we were missing for a while people would look for us. But we decided to keep walking a bit, found another trail and made it back for dinner.



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Jun. 17th, 2017 07:08 pm (UTC)
Looking at your top 3 moments -- you've had kind of an epic 2017, haven't you, and it's only half done! :D

You're also the first person on my flist to have a "yes" answer to the "lost in the woods" question. (And, yeah, I think being lost with people while part of a larger group is a pretty good way to get lost. Although still not very pleasant, of course.)
Jun. 17th, 2017 08:37 pm (UTC)

2017 has been unreal. On top of it Bear got a new car, trading in his trustworthy little Scion XA, which he had for almost 13 years and getting a much bigger Honda HR-V, since we need a car to fit two car seats now. So, many, many new things.

We were lost about an hour, two at most. It was daylight. And people knew we went hiking and which trail, so I was not even concerned too much. That said it was great to find that other trail and come back to camp.

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:14 pm (UTC)
you must have a big fridge!
Jun. 25th, 2017 09:30 pm (UTC)

We do! In US fridges are generally pretty big - we have one with French doors, with freezer on the bottom. We do our grocery shopping once a week and need the storage.

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