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bearshorty's Journal

2 June
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  • bearshorty@livejournal.com
I mostly use DW and LJ as a real life journal (I crosspost). I'm 40 years old. I love books and TV and seeing what other people think of books and TV (and movies). I love sci-fi and good storytelling. I was born in Minsk, Belarus, when it was Soviet Union, and I came to New York when I was twelve and Belarus was its own country for the first time. I'm a Russian-American Jewish woman who studied medieval England, mostly social and legal history, but knows way too much about Catholic church and its history. I used to teach history and college writing. Now I work as a research assistant for a city agency. I'm married to a wonderful man. We met on the second day of college when we were eighteen and been together ever since. I call him Bear in real life. We have two daughters: Tatyana Carolina, who we call Tanya for short, is almost 6 and Olivia Elizabeth is 3. I read, I cross-stitch, I write, I cook, I try to watch TV (not easy with two small kids). Fanfic used to be my nemesis since I used to get lost in it (In the past I was obsessed over Klaine, Remus/Sirius , Janeway/Chakotay, Spuffy, Snape, Methos/Duncan, and Jack/Ianto). I love it though, and would write my own once in a while. Lately, however, I read less internet and more books.